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Our first recommendation is always to purchase a kit directly from us so you do not have so much to worry about but rather just enjoy bringing your baby home

Training; We recommend using Baxter and Bellas online puppy school. We start their puppy school at 3 weeks of age and we recommend purchasing their schooling to complete it! If you use our code CLOVER you will receive 25% off their costs!

NuVet; You can order directly below or use code 217302 to order from their website! This is an incredible product that we believe all our grandbabies should have access to. It is an all natural human grade immunity booster. This will help your babies natural immune system and keep your pet happy and healthy as long as possible. We do insist this supplement to be a life time supplement as we feel it is vital to the health of our grand babies. We recommend purchasing this before your baby comes home because they are started on it at 3 weeks of age.

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Call Us Toll Free: (800) 474-7044
E-mail Us: contact@nuvet.com
Order Code: 217302
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nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended
nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended

Food; We recommend purchasing the food your puppy is already on (Purina Pro Plan All Life Sport 30/20). Going home is already very stressful and wanting to switch foods right when they go home is absolutely not recommended. We recommend sticking with a high quality kibble.

Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20

Crate; We highly recommend purchasing a wire crate at least 30inches or larger for your puppy. This will be their home and they will grow into it. Crate training is not easy but it is always recommended and it is a great tool for you and your puppy in the future. 

           *We do offer a fantastic crate training tool called Snuggle Puppies. We have multiple available. If interested please inquire with Taylor to place an order for one when you pick up your baby. They are $30. 

Collar and Leash; We recommend a break away collar so that if something happens (god forbid) but that your puppy will be able to set him/herself free. Leashes we recommend a 6 foot either rope like leash or a 6 foot nylon leash. We do not recommend the retractable leashes as that can create issues for your puppy and yourself. 

Harness; We recommend starting with a harness only after collar and leash training is complete. Harnesses are great tools but in the event of an emergency you will not take the time to put a harness on your baby so they need to understand and walk well on a collar before starting on a harness.

Bowls; We recommend either stainless steal or a hard poreless plastic bowl. 

Treats; We have included some links to treats we use regularly in our facility. They are posted in the downloadable forms above!

Please call or text  715-216-6257 otherwise you can also use our contact form.

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