Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Training 
    • What training do you do with puppies?
      • We feel that acclimating puppies in their first 8 weeks can be the most vital portion of raising puppies. Our puppies are raised on a mixture of several proven puppy curriculums.
        • Between day 16 and 8 weeks we start using Noise Exposure exercises. This is exposing them to common noises they will hear mostly every day for the rest of their life. Including thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuums, the household noises (children, laughter, tv, music, etc). 
        • We start handling exercises at 3 weeks. Here is the layout for what they experience each week, please keep in mind they are subject to change based on the development of the puppies. Each week the amount of pressure we apply when doing their exercises changes based on their development. 
          • Rubbing ears
          • Covering their eyes 
          • Open their mouth and run a finger along their gums
          • Rubbing belly in a circular motion
          • Run a hand down their back 
          • Run a hand and fingers along their tail 
          • Touch all their paws 
          • Tap nails
          • Trim their nails 
          • Run fingers around their neck and under their collars
          • Touch their nose
    • Do you offer extending training for puppies?
      • At this time we do not, however we have been talking amoung ourselves as to if this is something we are wanting to do. So at this time we recommend signing on with Baxter and Bella's puppy school (link is available on the Shop Now page!)
  • Parent dogs 
    • Are we able to meet parents?
      • At this time provided the parents are free and out in their running area you are welcome to watch them when you arrive for pick up. However we do not allow interaction between our pack and the public for everyone's safety. 
    • Can we tour your facility?
      • This answer is fairly simple, absolutely not. This is a private facility for safety and sanitation reasons. We do not allow anyone to go into our dogs areas or into our nursery building. This is for the safety of our own pack and for sanitation regulations. 
  • Puppies
    • How do we pick our puppy? 
      • ​Picks are made at 2 weeks of age through pictures. You will receive regular up dates, once a week throughout the growth and time your puppy is with us. 
    • Can we visit our puppy?
      • ​Yes absolutely, only after 6 weeks of age however. This is for their safety because in those first weeks mom is teaching them and giving them antibodies to protect them against diseases that can be brought in anywhere. 
    • Can we wait to pick a puppy until we meet them?
      • ​No unfortunately this is not an option as most of our waiting lists are full and it is not fair to the other families who are willing to pick through pictures.
    • Do puppies see a vet before leaving?
      • Yes our puppies are examined by our veterinarian between 7 and 8 weeks of age. The examination paperwork is sent home in your puppy binder. 
  • Waiting List/Purchasing ​​
    • How does the waiting list work?
      • Our waiting list is done in the order of deposits received. When a mom has her puppies (whelps) you will be contacted if that litter has available puppies of the gender you choose. You have the option to pick from that litter or wait for a future litter, however if you choose to wait we cannot guarantee a particular pairing will have available puppies of that gender. If you choose to wait or pass on a puppy, the deposit is transferred to the next litter, this option is only available to be done a maximum of 1 year from the time the deposit was placed. 
    • How do we get on your waiting list?
      • ​Please visit our application page to fill out the application as this is the first step in our process. Once we receive the application we will be in contact with you!
    • Once our application is approved, what is next?
      • We do require a deposit (pricing is available on the pricing page). This deposit will then transfer to your puppy when he/she arrives.
    • How do we pay the deposit?
      • We will send a custom invoice to your email from the Square once we have contacted you regarding your application and approval. 
    • What happens with our deposit once we pick?
      • The deposit is transferred to the puppy of your choosing. It is taken off the amount due at pick up or before transport. 

Please call or text  715-216-6257 otherwise you can also use our contact form.

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